Why Choose Us?

Our practice continues to grow with our loyal community of patients since 1985.

In a time of increasing corporate control in dentistry we remain an independent, family owned and run, patient centered practice.

All health funds

We accept all health funds and claims can be processed on site. 

Forrest Dental however choose not to be contracted as a preferred provider. This allows us to provide the utmost standard of care to our patients without items and services potentially dictated by health insurance organisations.

While the term preferred provider implies a better quality of service, in fact any dental practice can sign up to be a preferred provider by entering a contractual agreement with a health fund. The health fund then determines schedule of fees. While it may not always be the case this can limit the time, care and quality of materials used.

Quality individualised treatment

Our first priority is providing optimum quality individualised treatment remaining free of contractual obligation to a particular health fund. The Australian Dental Association does not support these ‘preferred provider’ contracts and believes their intent is that the Funds will eventually be able to control the level of fees and services.

Maximum comfort with a gentle approach

Established in 1985 our practice continues to grow with our loyal community of patients. With a total focus on treatment centered around the best interests of our patients we are able to take the extra time to provide maximum comfort with a gentle approach. We also take pride in punctuality and aim to leave all our patients existing and new, feeling pleasantly surprised.

We are always more than happy to discuss this further should you wish.